Bill Marriott was just interviewed by one of my favorite sites to visit In the interview he talks about blogs, immigration, faith and business. What an inspiration. At 76 years old, Marriott still leads his company, finds time to do pilates and blog and is continually searching for the next best thing for his business. At 23, I am posting my first blog today and haven’t exercised since I don’t know when…

Not only that, Bill is an inspiration for speaking so freely in the interview and in his blog about his beliefs. He’s an excellent model for a CEO. No holds barred, take chances and speak your mind.

In this time of political correctness and fears of legal action if one wrong word is uttered, I think more people should take note. PR, known to some as the art of spin, needs to take hint here. Web sites, blogs and Youtube are the new media and they don’t take “no comment” or worry about hurting feelings. Everyone is a journalist. If you don’t join them in an open and honest way someone else will, and they won’t like hearing it from someone else. Then there will be an even bigger mess to clean up. Open yourself up for critique and really listen. It may be the best thing you’ve done for your business.

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THis is my FirSt poST

This is my first post ever!! hOw cool.